Welcome Seekers and Adventurers!  For many of us, the end of “The Skin Map” treasure hunt has left us floundering and lost, without direction.  Fortunately, someone is willing to keep us out of trouble while our dear friend Cosimo rests.  I have been contacted by Cosimo’s long-lost twin sister, Cosima!  A series of puzzles, codes, challenges, and games await you, if you choose to play along.


Regretfully, Cosima doesn’t have packages to hide at the target locations; however this means Seekers won’t have the challenge of finding any Feet, so the world is wide open!  Also, there are no prizes for playing the game; this is purely for fun and entertainment purposes.  This site and this treasure hunt are not affiliated with Stephen Lawhead, “The Skin Map”, or Thomas Nelson Publishing.  It’s just one grateful Grand Prize winner wanting to give back to the Community that formed during our incredible Journey.


So, if you would like to join the adventure, bookmark this page and await the next challenge.  You can discuss the puzzle at the Treasure Hunt Facebook Page with other like-minded seekers.  If Cosima happens to contact one of you with a puzzle for the group, please forward it to me via email, and I will add it to the website for everyone to enjoy.  Also, I will leave previous puzzles up, so that newcomers can start at the beginning of the journey!


Click on the Treasure Chest to begin your hunt with the current puzzle, and enjoy! 

To see a complete list of past puzzles, visit the Puzzle Index.



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